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michelle rhee’s real legacy: masking the importance of child poverty

Matt Bruenig of has written a trenchant and sobering assessment of Michelle Rhee’s relatively brief tenure as the national “face of educational reform” (see here). His main point can’t be emphasized often enough, especially concerning the unspoken complicity of extraordinarily wealthy philanthropists in financially promoting educational reform while effectively diverting our attention from their own active or tacit contribution to one of the root causes of disparate student achievement: […]

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“creative disruption” and educational reform

the power of naming

Readers of this blog will not be surprised to learn that there is an intent behind the large numbers of students who will be deemed “below proficient” or “well below proficient” when the results of the spring 2015 CCSS tests are announced next fall. As Jeb Bush said last August: “There will be a painful adjustment period as schools and students adapt to higher expectations. Just look at the results […]

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