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Keeping our eye on the prize

This is the conclusion to an essay I wrote here in my “jonathan’s edutalk” blog.  It is somewhat re-worked from the version quoted a few entries earlier in the blog entry by Diane Ravitch sub-titled “when critics rage.” While I do not plan to circulate the resolution below, much as I think it would help to raise public consciousness on the issue of income inequality and student achievement, I think it […]

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Introduction to Fall 2013 Site Report to the NWP

CA San Jose Area Writing Project 2013 (Fall) NWP Site Report Author of this report: Jonathan Lovell, Director (Context and ISI 2013) I. The Current Context of Your Site When I was just starting my career in English Education, I used to commute between New Haven, where my then wife was an Assistant Professor of Art History at Yale University, and my work in New York City, where I was […]

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Jonathan Lovell: Think of This When Critics Rage

Posted By dianerav on September 29, 2013 Jonathan Lovell noticed that several critics of “Reign of Error” have attacked me, instead of engaging the issues I raise in the book. Jonathan teaches writing at San Jose State. He sent me this couplet, written by Alexander Pope: “Yes, I am proud; I must be proud to see Men, not afraid of God, afraid of me.” After I met him in Berkeley […]

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