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a site to explore the difference between meaningful and ill-conceived educational reform (note: you have to open a post for its links to be activated)


I am a Professor of English, co-directing San Jose State’s English credential program and serving as the Director of the San Jose Area Writing Project.  I live in south San Jose with my wife Ellen and our dog Mindy.

My present passion is tilting my lance against the so-called “educational reform movement,” a movement that threatens to undermine pubic confidence in our public schools.  My fearless leader in this regard is Diane Ravitch, who has written the most sensible book ever on American public education:  Reign of Error.

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  1. I am currently reading The Teacher Wars by Dana Goldstein, next up will be the Reign of Error.

  2. That’s great Erika. Me know what you think when I return on July 6.

  3. I am the daughter of the late Dr. Jonathan Lovell. I would like to hear about my dads professional life. I knew him as a funny, supportive, quick witted, and fun loving dad. Apparently he was well known in his field. I am trying to learn as much as possible about him. Please contact me with any information you might have about him.

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