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Archive for May 2014

“It’s the poverty stupid!”

There is every reason to keep reminding everyone you can reach, over and over again, of this fundamental truth: there is NOTHING that the introduction and implementation of the Common Core State Standards will do to reduce the achievement gap. If anything, the wholesale testing that will overwhelm us all in the spring of 2015 will serve to dramatize and illustrate our increasing “achievement gap.” See my one blog entry […]

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The US has now BECOME the 18th century European oligarchy we fought our war of independence to define ourselves against

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
Our economy is changing in ways that are alarming. Income inequality and wealth inequality are at their highest point in many decades; some say we are back to the age of the robber barons. Most of the gains in the economy since the great recession of 2008 have benefitted the 1%, or even the 1% of the 1%. The middle class is shrinking,…

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